Flora Martin

Flora Martin

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Manual Dexterity

What Our Customers Say

Through all the years as a Personal Trainer, you are the only Therapist who has helped  relieve my muscle pain with different techniques.Your vast knowledge about the bodies modalities, combined with your great listening skills, are a couple reasons why you are a top notch Massage Therapist. Your passion for massage therapy shines through with every one of my massages! I recommend you to all my family, friends, and clients! They want the best and you are the best! Thank you Elie!!

By Rene Nicholson

I think you are an amazing massage therapist. You listen to your clients when they describe what ails them, then you check back with them as you work to make sure what you are doing is beneficial. Your technique is wonderful and adaptable to any situation or condition..

By Cindy Kopman Rubin

I have had a lot of massages before having one with Ms.Akotia. BUT I HAVE NEVER been stretched out like this!I knew I was tight, I knew I had knots, but I know she found some deep ones. This woman puts the work in!Already recommended, highly recommending!She touched one spot and I told her I felt like a baby being cuddled.Great job!!!

By Kourtney Coleman

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