is a body contouring massage technique that utilize protocols like tapotement, deep kneading, skin rolling and Le Fleur Massage techniques.


Lypossage is the Healthy, Holistic Body Contouring Treatment.

Finally, A Body Contouring and Cellulite Treatments, That Deliver Measurable Results!

Body contouring massage therapy was developed based on a research on lymphedema.

In the allopathic environment, techniques such as Complex Physical Therapy (CPT) and manual lymphatic drainage positively affect lymphedema. CPT comprises several approaches: manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and physical therapy exercises. Deep tissue massage also has been shown to stimulate lymph flow and enhance clearance, according to researchers from Slade Hospital, Oxford, England. After reading this research, Wiltsie (creator of Lypossage) adapted CPT techniques to myofascial massage techniques to create the Lypossage protocol for healthy women. The published results showed deep tissue massage positively affects the dimension of women’s hips and thighs. Furthermore, photographs of participants showed a diminished appearance of cellulite after the procedure.

     Independently, researchers from Artevelde College and the University of Ghent, Belgium, found participants who underwent Lypossage in a 2006 study showed lower LDL-cholesterol levels, higher HDL-cholesterol levels and slightly elevated triglycerides. They also noted a reduction in body mass and cellulite following Lypossage. As a result of the research, Lypossage became the cornerstone for most noninvasive, manual cellulite treatments.”

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