Elie Akotia the founder and managing director studied  Massage Therapy at The Florida Metropolitan University.
After her graduation, she took and passed the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in February 2007.She worked at the Central Florida Injury &Wellness Center, INC. with Dr. Sofer and Dr.Carr where she gained the experience  in clinical treatments, post injury/ trauma rehabilitation and physiotherapy strengthening exercises before becoming a full-time employee at Massage Envy – Altamonte Springs; where she worked as a Massage Therapist and Regional trainer for over six years.
Elie is still studying new techniques and modalities every year to better help and care for her patients/clients. Her main goal is to make you feel limitless again while doing what she is passionate about.
Elie’s understanding of physical and spiritual healing along with the application of Myofacial release, trigger point therapy, deep muscles tissue massage, Swedish massage and physiotherapy exercises, She   has made a difference in many of her clients’ lives.


Classic Swedish Massage

Is the most common form of massage and is a light massage the mainly relaxes the muscles. 60 MINUTES $70 — 90 MINUTES $100

Deep Tissue Massage

Commonly known as deep tissue is used for chronic muscle tension and is a deeper invigorating massage. 30 MIN. $50 – 60 MIN. $85...

Manual Lymph Drainage

Is used when working with those whom have been in an accident whether on the job and/or in a car. 30 MINUTES $45 – 60 MINUTES –...

Integrated Sports Massage

Is used for the serious athlete who trains continuously. It focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular activity. 30 min $60.00 – 1 hr...

Prenatal Massage

Is a mixture of Swedish and Therapeutic massage, depending upon where the client is with their pregnancy. 60 MINUTES $75 – 90 MINUTES...

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is used on site at events, trade shows, conferences, business offices and social gatherings. 30 MIN $60 – 60 MIN $100 – 90 MIN...

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